STCAR CIE Membership


National Exposure National exposure through Commercial Exchange at no extra charge.
Add Listings Add an unlimited number of listings, searchable across our nationwide network of commercial listing services.
Property Search Access 2x more property listings; create catalogs and saved searches.
Alerts & Notifications Receive email or RSS notifications of properties, comparables, posted needs/wants, recent CIE activity, and posted industry news tailored to your preferences.
Reports & Brochures Create customized reports and brochures with dozens of options including maps, company branding, demographics, and attachments.
Sale & Lease Comparables Access to the historical database of sale & lease transactions in your market.
Email Communication Communicate with other STCAR CIE members via email. Send & receive messages about new or updated listings, deals done, opportunities, etc.
Prospects / Leads Find out what professionals in your area are looking for by receiving emails tailored to your preferences or searching the database of posted Needs/Wants for leads.
SMS / Text Messages Receive instant text messages to your mobile phone whenever an inquiries are generated for your listings.
Professional Profile Create a detailed, search engine optimized online resume, highlighting your expertise, property listings, recent transactions, and more.
Market Statistics & Analytics Access to local market statistics (average lease rates, trends, etc.) as well as current demographic and economic data.
Export Options Export your data or search results any time in XML, CSV, XLS.


Membership for STCAR CIE is handled by request.

To find out more, please contact the administrator:

Participation on the STCAR CIE is $42 a month

(billed monthly by credit card)
If you are not already an STCAR member please see our membership options below:


Please select the appropriate membership type, and you will be directed to an online application form. For an initial membership print the appropriate application form and fax it to (210) 593–1251. For a renewal you may submit the appropriate form on line or you may print the form and submit to or fax it to (210) 593–1251.

REALTOR® Primary

STCAR will be your primary board membership. Texas REALTORS® and NAR dues are paid through STCAR. Texas REALTORS®, NAR and STCAR dues are only prorated on a monthly basis for a brand new REALTOR® based on the join date. This proration only applies in the calendar year the member joins. Thereafter, full year dues are due and owning by January 1. NAR rules apply. All licensees in a firm are billed to the Designated REALTOR® whether or not the licensee holds membership. A Broker-Associate may join as an independent Designated REALTOR® if the rest of the firm does not wish to join as a REALTOR®.

  • Annual Dues are $557 - $50 is voluntary (STCAR $145, Texas REALTORS® $152, NAR $185, Application Fee $25, Voluntary: TREPAC $40, Charity of Choice $10), Optional: STCAR CIE $42, billed separately

REALTOR® Secondary

REALTOR® is a primary member of another Realtor® Association or Board. The member‘s Designated REALTOR® must sign in approval, and a Letter of Good Standing from Primary Board is required.

  • Annual Dues are $145 (STCAR only).

Institute Affiliate

Automatic through NAR Institute Affiliate ((CCIM, SIOR, IREM, CRE, RLI) Annual dues – None (But NO REALTOR® Benefits or discounts are available) For REALTOR® Benefits and discounts, an Institute Affiliate must join as a REALTOR®

International Member

Primary office must be outside of the USA

  • Annual Dues are $145 (NO REALTOR® Benefits or discounts are available)

Affiliate (Corporate Non-Licensee)

STCAR Affiliate – Additionally listed in Texas REALTORS® directory. Texas REALTORS® dues apply. NAR dues do not apply.

  • Annual Dues for Initial Corporate Affiliate Member are $262 (STCAR $145 and TAR $117).
  • Annual Dues for each additional Corporate Affiliate Member are $145 (STCAR $145)


A non-licensee student enrolled in a real estate related degree program at a university. No dues. Upon graduation, student must enroll in another dues paying category.

NOTE: A one-time application fee of $25 applies to all memberships except Student and Honorary memberships.